What are the requirements to access the loan?

To be a CENTRUM student enrolled in any program with at least 6 months duration.

What material can I borrow? and for how long?

You may borrow 3 books to take home for 7 days.

Can I renew it if I still need it?

Yes, you can renew the loan for 7 days for one time only. Renovations can be done in the following ways:

  • Through the catalogue
  • Calling 6267100 extension 7059 o 7354.
  • Sending an email to Indicating the title of the book.

Can I reserve a book being off campus?

Yes, when the registration of a book indicates that it is borrowed,use the option ‘Make reservation’, this way you will recieved an email notifying you that the book has been returned so that you can borrow it.

What happens if I have a delay in returning a book? What is the penalty?

The system will apply a suspension of the loan service and consultation of electronic resources, the end of the suspension will be calculated at the return of the material.

How do I know what books I have on loan?

You can verify in the option “my account” of the catalog the books that you have borrowed as well as the date in which you must return them.

Can I request the home loan of books from the PUCP Central Library?

No, CENTRUM students can consult books and other materials within the PUCP Central Library only.

If I lose the book, what is the procedure to replace it?

Inform DOCIS of the loss through an email You will be informed of the cost of the book as well as the information on how to replenish it.