Do I need a password to use the data bases?

If you are on campus you do not need a password, but if you are off campus you will do so. Retrieve your your library password here.

What do I do if my password does not work?

This may be happening for several reasons:

  • The PUCP code you are using must have 8 digits and it does not need the letter A in it.
  • It may be a problem with your browser, try by deleting the history records and strarting again.
  • Your clases aro ver.
  • Others

You may senda n email to or call 6267100 extension 7356 So we can help you solve your access problem.

Can I use these resources off campus?

Not all, some market data bases, business and statistics can be consulted only on DOCIS computers.

If I find a reference and it is not in the data bases, how can I get it?

Send the complete information of the resources found to so we can help you.