Frequently Asked Questions


  • What is Alumni?

    Graduates of CENTRUM Católica programs are called Alumni.

  • How do I join the CENTRUM Alumni Community?

    There is no registration, you enter the CENTRUM Alumni Community at the moment you graduate in an MBA program or an academic degree from CENTRUM Católica.

  • Can I use my student email after graduating?

    Yes. You keep your email and password when you graduate, so you can continue to receive communications from CENTRUM Católica.

  • How do I find out about the benefits offered by CENTRUM Católica?

    You must keep your email active and review it periodically.

  • Do I have benefits as a graduate?

    Yes. You have access to exclusive services and benefits that you can see at this link.


    It is an exclusive platform for MBA and degree program graduates, designed to establish new contacts, seize opportunities and keep in touch with your former colleagues. Find out more details at this link.