Current CENTRUM Student


Work groups

  • How many members are there in a work group and what are the criteria to form it?

    Your work group should consist of 4 members and the criteria to follow are balance among professions, gender and academic performance. The formation of groups is the exclusive responsibility of the Office of the Program Director. Consequently, it is not subject to approval or objection from students.

    Exceptionally as a result of duly substantiated causes, there may be groups of more than, or less than, 4 people.

  • Is it possible to change group?

    The groups are insoluble and one cannot change groups.

  • What happens if a member of a group does not collaborate with the group assignments?

    On the first page of each group assignment, the names of students will be indicated who prepared it. The name of a group member shall be placed there if he/she was not involved in preparing the work. The members, whose names appear on the assignment, assume responsibility for it.


  • Do students of EdEx courses have an academic tutor or an advisor?

    Yes, you’ll have an advisor who will guide your activities and those of your study group to complete and defend the final applied assignment.

Foreign language certification

  • Must I be certified in a foreign language?

    To study in EdEx courses, you do not need to be certified in a foreign language. To know which programs require it, see the student Policy Guide.

Make-up exams

  • Are there make-up exams or additional assignments outside those established in the course syllabus?

    We do not consider make-up exams or additional assignments outside those established in the course syllabus.

Justification of absence

  • In case of not being able to attend classes, how do I justify my absence?

    You must justify your absence by presenting the ” Justification of Absences Format” (Appendix L of student Regulatory Guide), with support documents (physical or virtual) to the Office of the Program Coordinator, within no more than 15 working days of the date of absence. The approval will be valid only for the purpose of rescheduling an assessment that could not be conducted due to the absence and has no effect on the accumulation of absences. Supporting documents to be presented are:

    • Health: justification or rest issued by a doctor
    • Work trip (letter from the company, no emails)
    • Force majeure, with accompanying justification
    • There are no other options to justify absences.
  • Can I justify my absence for staying at work overtime, because I want to participate in a fair or because I have to attend courses for work?

    You cannot justify the absence because of these reasons. The events have to be force majeure that make it impossible for you to attend classes. In work-related cases, you must inform your boss that you are taking the program, in order to leave in time to meet your obligations as a student in CENTRUM Católica.

  • Can I pass a course without having attended or attending only some classes?

    To pass a course, you must have attended no less than 75% of the scheduled sessions. You cannot pass a course with more than 25% of absences from scheduled classes for any reason. The failing grade, if you have exceeded the limit of absences, will be 05.00. If you attend no session of a course, you will receive the grade of 00.00.

Study trips

  • Do the EdEx courses include study trips?

    No, these courses do not include study trips.

Withdrawal from the program

  • Is it possible to withdraw from the program that I am in?

    Yes it can be done, through a voluntary withdrawal.

  • What is the voluntary withdrawal?

    The voluntary withdrawal occurs when, for reasons of force majeure, you must withdraw from the program. For this, you will present a letter to the CENTRUM Católica Office of the Academic Director, attaching documents certifying the occurrence. In the letter, you should indicate your full name, your program, the reason for your request for final withdrawal and your signature. We recommend reading: (a) the Regulations Guide and (b) the Regulation of Economic Aspects for students in CENTRUM Católica.

  • If I have been withdrawn from CENTRUM Católica for academic, administrative or disciplinary reasons, may I apply for the same program?

    No; not in the same or any other program.

  • If I want to apply to CENTRUM Católica after having withdrawn voluntarily, what should I do?

    You must reapply.

  • Where I can find information on economic aspects of my program, how I will be paid if I withdraw from or if I want to make a program change?

    For these cases, the provisions of Regulation of Economic Aspects are necessary.

  • If I withdraw or I am removed from the program, I can request a transcript?

    Yes, you can make this request with the area responsible (DARSA).


  • Does CENTRUM Católica give me an email?

    Yes, you will receive a PUCP e-mail address.

  • Must I use the email that CENTRUM Católica gives me?

    Yes, all communications between CENTRUM Católica and students will be made through the email address. It is your responsibility to verify the communications.

  • If I want to update the email, how should I do it?

    We suggest you check the Online Manual, where you will find the information needed to edit the personal data in the Virtual Campus. We also recommend this page. If you have other questions or are unable to access, contact Di-Consulta (using screen shots) through the email account:

    Note: Only the first two e-mails that appear on your CV are used to send communication from the PUCP Virtual Campus.