Current CENTRUM Student


  • Do you have problems with the virtual campus, email or website?

    All academic activities are supported in the virtual campus, which is accessed through a single password (campus and PUCP email). If you have forgotten your password or have problems with it, you can contact directly with our IT support staff in three ways:

  • How do I reserve a study room?

    The study rooms are rooms equipped for personal and group study. They are located on the campus of CENTRUM Católica and feature Wi-Fi and UTP connections.

    You can reserve a room in the page:

  • How can I justify my absence?

    To justify an absence, you must present the document “Format to Justify Absences,” attaching supporting documents within 15 working days of the date of absence (3 days in the EDEX program), sending an email to your respective coordinator.

    Upon approval of the justification, it will only be valid to reschedule an assessment and will have no effect on the percentage accumulation of absences.

    Note that the reasons for non-attendance must be force majeure and make it completely impossible for the student to attend his classes.

    To pass a course you must attend no less than 75% of the scheduled sessions.

  • How can I request a grade revision?

    If you consider that any of your grades should be revised, you can request a grade revision form to the Student Support Office (DARSA) or logistic operator (for programs outside of Lima) and send it via e-mail to

    You can request a grade revision within three (3) working days after receiving the email sent by the professor or the Office of academic support stating the exam and/or test grades.

    You can’t request a grade revision for class participation. The grading criteria, nor the thoroughness of the test, can’t be subject to modification.

    No requests will be accepted if this procedure is not followed. The professor will have five working days to respond to the grade revision requests.