The admission process for masters, MBA and doctorates takes about two weeks, provided that you deliver the documents requested by the Admissions Office. In the three types of programs, the process is completed with an interview, for which we will contact you. Request a training advisor to answer any questions.

STEP 1: Inquire whether you meet the requirements

If you want to apply to the programs of CENTRUM Católica, you must have:

An academic degree

  • In the case of masters, a bachelor
  • In the case of DBA, a master

A minimum age

  • Have completed at least 25 years for the master
  • Have completed at least 27 years for the Global MBA
  • Have completed at least 25 years for the DBA (doctorate)

Work experience

  • At least 3 years for the MBA and master
  • At least 7 years for the Global MBA
  • At least 5 years for the Doctorate
  • Remember that internships are not considered


  • English language at least at an intermediate level. Ask your training adviser if it is required in your program
  • A payment for entrance examination. Look here at options for payment


STEP 2: Obtain the documents we ask of you

To carry out your registration you must file a series of documents throughout the process. These documents vary according to the program to which you are applying. Click on the list below according the city and the program you would like.


STEP 3: Arrange your entrance examination

Did you send in your documents? Now you must pass an entrance exam to complete your registration process, which will be:

  • The admission office will contact you to provide access and instructions to the virtual exams that correspond to your program.
  • Via web if you are applying to a virtual program or from outside of Lima

We will arrange the date of your test with you.


STEP 4: Wait for your interview

En caso la dirección de admisión requiera concertar una entrevista, personal de la Oficina de Admisión te contactará para agendar la cita.


STEP 5: You only need to enroll

Did you receive an acceptance letter? Then you are with us. See here the means of payment we make available for you to become enrolled. Welcome to CENTRUM PUCP!

Admission timeline

So you won’t pass the important dates in your process

See the timeline for admission >


Reception of documents

Contact your training advisor so you can send the required documents.

Find your training advisor >