It is important to know the alternatives you have to finance the cost of your program. You may choose to pay in cash up front, through bank financing or through companies. Get to know these options.

You can also finance your studies with us. CENTRUM offers to finance the cost of the program you choose, with 0% interest. Remember that you have a training counselor at your disposal to answer any questions you may have.

1. Cash up front

You may pay the total cost of your program at the time of enrollment, i.e., before the start of classes. Ask your counselor to learn about the special benefits of this option.

2. With bank financing

You can finance your studies directly with any bank, for which you must follow its procedures. This option offers significant advantages:

  • You finance your loan for longer terms, up to 60 months
  • Being a longer-term loan, your monthly payments are less
  • If you finance your program with the BBVA, you will have a preferential rate. Ask this contact for more information:

Renato Tenorio Ávila
Phone: 213-7160 extension 6123 /989-037-324

Grecia López Aponte
Phone: 444-1717 extension 46046 / 947-1463-38

3. With CENTRUM financing

It allows you to finance the cost of your program with a 0% interest rate of applies to individuals and legal entities. It is expressed in monthly letters of compliance. For this benefit, you must meet certain requirements and pass a credit check.

These are the requirements that you must meet:

  • Fill the application for financing and send it to
  • Attach or bring the last 3 pay slips from your workplace, keeping in mind that you must then send the other documents listed in the application.
  • You must have a guarantor, who lives in the same city as your program and has a good credit history, receives a monthly income to cover the payments accepted and is less than 61 years old.

If you meet these requirements, you will pass a credit check, a process that takes only 2 days. This is what you must show:

  • Not have an outstanding debt with any unit of PUCP or CENTRUM Católica.
  • Show a good credit history with other educational and financial institutions.
  • Have no debts with financial institutions.
  • Have no penalties, bad debts or protested bills.
  • Show an adequate capacity to pay.
  • Have no coercive debts with the Sunat.

If we approve your application, you can received approved funding for the program you chose, which usually considers payment of an initial fee (enrollment) and division of the balance by the number of months of the program.

4. With company sponsorship

You can also finance your program through a company. This company may or may not have an agreement with us. Ask your training counselor for the special conditions of each option.

For more information, consult our Regulation of economic aspects and our Guidelines for economic services.