We know that you are looking for professional excellence. Therefore, we put at your disposal a scholarship policy in our academic programs. You have access to this benefit if you are a prominent graduate of CENTRUM Católica, a high-performance postulant, a postulant from an institution with an agreement and a worker or teacher from our institution.

Once you have been admitted to one of our programs, you can take advantage of our scholarship benefits. Look if you fit into any of these profiles.

For postulants:

Did you take the first and second place in the process of admission of the Management MBA Lima?

You have access to a scholarship for 25% and 15% respectively..

Do you come from an institution that has a current agreement with CENTRUM Católica?

Check with your training consultant to know the benefits.


For graduates:

Did you take the top spots in your program?

Scholarships will be awarded upon evaluation and approval by the Scholarship Committee.

In these cases, the scholarships cover a percentage of the cost of the Catholic CENTRUM program, not the additional costs (materials, payments in associated schools, etc.).

Scholarships can not be combined with any other discounts.

Conserving the scholarship is bound to maintain high academic performance throughout the program. For this reason, at the beginning of the same we will ask you to sign a letter of commitment, which will be subject to a guarantee letter for the amount of the scholarship.